Top 5 Smartphones with with 5 inch screen.

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Top 5 Smartphones with with 5 inch screen.
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Now almost all the mobile producing have launched 5 inch smartphone with an extraordinary features. Here we listed the top phones, which are placed according to there performance, people's interest and few other factors.  

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 :

This will be the best smartphone in 2013. Which has premium outlook and some interesting and attractive features. This is the only phone with eight core processor with 5 inch screen. The screen resolution is too good. The important features of Samsung Galaxy S4 to be noticed are Dual Camera photos and recording, Smart Scroll/Smart Pause, Air gestures/Smart Call Accept, Group Play/gaming etc. There many other features which makes the phone to stand top of all other phones. 
2. Sony Xperia Z:
First thing we notice about Sony Xperia Z is water proof phone. This is the major thing which attracted the world. Even Sony has focused much about water proof in its promotion of this device. Actually we get all the best inventions of Sony at a place which are its Bravia Engine for great display , Cyber shot camera to capture perfect images and the dust and water resistance. But what i felt is the UI of the phone is not so good as Samsung. The build quality is good enough and better than Samsung.
3. HTC One: 
HTC has increased its market in 2012, now in 2013 they need a smart phone which can compete with big giants like Samsung and Sony. The Metal body which is made of aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass 2 of the phone will be the 1st thing which attracts us. The Extra feature you get from HTC one when compared with other mobiles is its Ultra pixel camera. When we come to UI, it  is completely different from other android phones. The related apps will be put together like all the media related apps will be at one place and on menu screen you need to scroll upward or downward. The beast audio will be one more feature which may attract you.
4. Samsung Note 2 :

This is well known device for all gadget lovers. Actually it is larger than five inch. The main advantage of this phablet will be its s-pen which is pretty good and well responsive. The overall performance of the phone is ok and if you wish to buy a phone with a screen size larger than 5 inch then you can go for this. It can run all android apps and the pixel density is also perfect for its screen size.
5.LG Optimus VU :
LG the company which is trying upto its maximum level to with stand in this Smart Phone competition. But not well designed models, boring features are failing in attracting the customers. In new devices, the Screen resolution and speedy performance etc are some attraction for this phone. At this price the LG Optimus VU will be the best device.
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