How is today`s job market? Why students are unable to grab a job in the current market? Can a student easily crack a job?

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How is today`s job market? Why students are unable to grab a job in the current market? Can a student easily crack a job?
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This blog should have got a good attention amongst the readers as the major problem the youngsters are facing today is lack of a job due to huge competition. Well is it true that we really have huge competition or it`s just a student`s perception that we have huge competition and students are really trying their ass off to get selected for a job. Well people let us see what is true and how far student`s perception is correct.

Today's Job Market

Readers it is shocking but it is a bitter truth that there is no competition at all amongst the students who are fresher`s who are trying to get job as a fresher. Well let me put you before the facts which are published in the recent newspapers.

  1. CBR Social News 
  2. Hyderabad India Online paper

The overview of these two published papers is that, as far as the job opportunities market is concerned, India is one of the best place for job opportunities as India the only place where more than 50% of the population are youngsters and education is affordable to most of them, the best part is Indians are technically sound.  Indian based MNC companies has been outsourcing their works from abroad (US, UK, AUS, CAN, SWE, UAE etc.,) to India and people in India has a great scope of getting a job. But still why youngsters find complex to get selected for a job or they end up do not finding a job opportunity at all.

The fact is that the youngsters today are lagging of technical as well as communication skills. I think by this time the readers should be angry upon me that they already knew this fact, well let me describe this in a more appropriate way. If you ask a graduate student why he/she is lagging in technical and communication skills, any graduate student simply say it is the college which has to provide enough technical skills as well as communication skills training. When the same question is posed to college management they say students do not show interest.

The main point in here is not about whom has to be blamed THE COLLEGE or THE STUDENT. At the end of the day college management collects it`s fees and students are out of the college with a USELESS DEGREE which is worth of showing but not worth of getting a job for himself/herself. What now?

How to overcome the problem what today`s generation students are facing?

Company’s point of view:

Any company across the globe has only one wish, their employees has to start working on the very first day of joining without training involved, Because training a student or an employee would cost the companies which would be a burden when recession occurs. When a company wants to hire a fresher it would hire a fresher who has enough technical skills so that they do not have to train them again. Most of the companies when they hire a fresher the company would expect technical knowledge in few of the subjects taught as part of their academic curriculum along with a good percentage (major companies would accept 60% few best companies would insist the % to be between 65 and 70). A few technical subjects to whom companies expect students to be though with would be (For a software job)

Student`s Point of view:

The worst thing is students do not know the importance of these subjects in their career and they do neglect them and guess what happens, simple they do not get selected for a job. what now? Does this problem have a solution, or the author is blabbering through this blog. Yes this problem has got a solution; simple students should have to learn and get prepared and try to grab the chance when they get it.

We have Google God, simple search what you need say

How to prepare for an interview on Google website, you would get multiple links but go through majority of them and read them you would know what has to be done. There are multiple websites which are maintaining database of various interview questions posed by companies. There are multiple videos available on answering HR questions like “Tell me about yourself”, “What are your strengths and Weakness”, “How could you be so sure that you would be selected for this job?” etc,.

Various questions which could help you gather quality content when you search on google are

  • How to prepare for an interview?
  • How to prepare resume?
  • How to grab an interview opportunity through social networking through LinkedIn?

How to include your project into resume?

As discussed in this blog, graduates today have ample of opportunities but the only thing is the graduates are unable to showcase their skill set due to lack of it which could be acquirable through rigorous learning methods.


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